3 Elements of a Successful Video News Release



It starts with your press release or marketing message. Don’t have one, we’ll help (more below) Related Posts:Benefits of VideoTypes of VideosVideo for Business



Our Unique and engaging VNR provides instant authority and engagement (more below) Related Posts:Benefits of Video



We have distribution options available from mainstream media to social channels (more below) Related Posts:Benefits of VideoTypes of VideosVideo for Business

Thanks for visiting our website, you’ll find information on these pages that will help your company or organization reach it’s promotional & marketing goals starting today..

One thing that’s important to know is Any Organization or Business could use a Video News Release (or otherwise know as Video Press Releases) to help achieve its marketing objectives..

The most frequent question we hear from our site visitors is “What’s a Good Reason or Creating a Video Press Release for VNR”?

The answer is; ANY Marketing Message or Announcement could be
applied as a Video News Release:

From a New Product or Service, Change in Seasonal Hours, A Company Award, Organizational Recognition or Recent Accreditation, Any Upcoming Schedules of note, Organizational Event or Gathering, Providing of New Industry White Papers, Free Samples or Information, A Company Milestone reached, Employee Hire or Recognition.. or just a Sale, Discount or Special… Pretty much Any Promotional “Story” could give you the exclusive benefits of a Video Press Release – Why try and sell your audience when you can engage with them instead, that’s the power of a VNR.. Of course you could always call us for a no obligation consultation as to how we could help you craft the perfect press release for your needs..

Why does a Video News Release Make Sense for your company?

  1. News ratings of all kinds (mainstream and online) have seen record levels in 2017 and there’s no change in site. It’s a proven fact that more and more of your target market is searching out News to help them make educated decisions about anything and everything Including purchase decisions..
  2. Press releases have always been an effective way for a company or organization to create awareness and sales for new products, services and announcements.. When done right, a strategic press release can outperform an expensive advertising program by 5-10 times. Giving any company an incredible bang for their marketing dollar.
  3. The power of Online Video in Undeniable. if you’ve been doing business online (no matter what your industry or market) it’s evident the organizations that get their marketing message out most effectively are using Online Video..
  4. We have various distribution options available as well.. In your initial consultation with us (free), we’ll explain your options for distributing your VNR to a vast array of outlets, from standard news organizations to more web based sharing options.. Whichever you choose you’ll be happy with results of our VNR service we guarantee it..

Put all these important factors together and you’ll quickly see how Video News Releases are a Powerful Tool that any organization Large or Small could benefit from.. Furthermore you’ll get the added benefit of using the power of online video in a different manner then most of your competition.

Your video won’t be the typical “Video Ad” everyone is interrupted and bothered by.. Your VNR provides instant Authority, Trust and Emotional Engagement (people love a story and will watch your VNR up to 3 times longer than a typical video advertisement).

No lengthy production times or expensive costs involved with shooting and editing a video for your business. Our online video service takes a fraction of the time and cost of standard business video services.

Using our professional video spokespeople/anchors your video will have the engaging power and urgency of a real news flash and a professionally produced news story..

Contact us today to find out more about how this unique, fun and powerful video marketing service will help your company or organization stand out at a fraction of the cost of other video services…

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